Cakewalk Dimension Pro
Cakewalk Dimension Pro

Dimension Pro, Virtual hybrid synth from Cakewalk.

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JeffTadashi 05/14/2012

Cakewalk Dimension Pro : JeffTadashi's user review

« My standard synth for many years »

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Cakewalk's Dimension Pro has been one of my standard go-to synthesizers and samplers for many years, back when I was using Cakewalk's Project5 software (my first DAW). I still use Dimension Pro quite a bit with my new setup in SONAR, although I wish it was also compatible with my new Mac OS Lion system. If you are just starting in the world of synthesizers and samplers, Dimension Pro has a little bit of everything, and the sounds are great! Real pianos, electric pianos, techno synthesizers, orchestras and strings, ethic instruments, drums, and much more are included in the immense sound library.

It functions both as a synthesizer interface and a sampler interface, with complete control over envelopes, LFO, polyphony, multi samples, built in effects, and routing. Dimension Pro has four separate instrument channels, which can help create deep, complex sounds. You can also chain the instruments together if you want to apply multiple effects, filters, or envelopes.

Although it is easy to create your own sounds from Dimension Pro's library, it is best to work off of the sounds from the diverse sound library. The pads and leads are very easily customizable, and it's easy to see and modify the parameters. The envelope section is especially simple to work with, since it actually draws out the envelopes; no need for ADSR knobs!

The sampled instruments are very good; the piano samples include advanced sound modeling of the sustain pedal. The main strings are realistic and full, and there are extra string samples from the Pocket Orchestra section as well, which are very lightweight, and sound great as well. The Rhodes have been my standard electrical piano sound for years.

Overall, Cakewalk's Dimension Pro is a simple, affordable, versatile synthesizer that does a little bit of everything. Nowadays, I don't use it as much, since I have dedicated synths for many instruments, but when I was starting out, Dimension Pro was an invaluable tool.