Cakewalk Dimension Pro
Cakewalk Dimension Pro

Dimension Pro, Virtual hybrid synth from Cakewalk.

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stamkorg 05/25/2012

Cakewalk Dimension Pro : stamkorg's user review

« All right for the price »

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Some sounds are very good: pianos, organs, strings, wind instruments, synth, basses
Others aren't very good: guitars.


I don't understand lucienz' review, the Dimension Pro can manage up to 4 elements per patch (E1 to E4). that is up to 4 "layers" per sound, each with filters, effects... it's excellent. But it may be that we aren't talking about the same thing.

When it comes to sounds, I'd say they start to be outdated, even though they are very usable, including the pianos. It's not as good as a dedicated software, but it's nevertheless pretty decent.
The control matrix is very powerful.
An update of the software, a version 2 with a better library, would be nice. But to say that it's not usable it a bit far-fetched.


It's a bit outdated, a version 2 would be nice.
I regret that it isn't 16-part multitimbral. But then again, to use it as an instrument, 4-part multitimbral is OK.