Camel Audio Alchemy
Camel Audio Alchemy

Alchemy, Virtual hybrid synth from Camel Audio.

Camel Audio Alchemy Updated

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Camel Audio has updated Alchemy to v1.0.9.

New features:
  • Import samples from external drives.
  • Program change implemented.
  • Reduced GUI startup time.
  • Improved SFZ standards compliance including support for 'key' opcode.
  • Additive editor easier to use - position of points stays consistent when changing detail.
  • Arp pattern randomized when randomizing.
  • Can now expand MSEG using last point in stretch mode.
  • Version information now appears in plug-in file information.
  • Creating new folder in save preset dialog now refreshes bank list.
  • Renamed reinstaller to 'update' and always gives option to install rars (if present).
  • Improved randomization templates for Arpeggiated category.
  • Improved randomisation at startup and random folder when no instrument folder selected.
  • Improved naming of copy/paste commands on additive editor, so depends on context.

  • Fixed additive zoom so it does not reset when changing between views.
  • Fixed issue with first note in song not triggering arp.
  • Fixed silent first note issue.
  • Fixed so key velocity is applied in arpeggiator chord mode.
  • Hidden files no longer show in browser on Windows.
  • Fixed crash loading AAZ files created in newer version of Alchemy.
  • Fixed msegs so that the release is handled properly and loop markers always displayed.
  • Fixed audio drop outs.
  • Fixed rapid loading of presets in Reaper causing errors.
  • Fixed 1/1 snap behavior.
  • Modified Alchemy installer to avoid reFX conflict.
  • Fixed octave key switching update (release and XY2 pad were not updating on Win).
  • Fixed File Browse functionality when filenames have multiple dots in them.
  • Fixed file searching inside folders that have same name as an extension (like SFZ).
  • Selecting of a target from the Target menu now correctly resets the right click menu state.
  • Mac user area in import browser shows up properly when File Vault enabled.
  • Fixed issue with project save.
  • Fixed issue with very short sample loops in sampler mode.
  • Fixed crash when browsing waveforms in additive mode.
  • Fixed issue with preset name display not updating.
  • Fixed issue with Bidule and Orion preset reloading.
  • Fixed PNG additive import inverted partials.
  • Fixed MSEG so loop end does not move when adding breakpoints.
  • Fixed so preset saved with correct name after randomization.
  • Fixed issue with bank name not being updated correctly when saving presets in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with SFZ filenames with a space between two full stops.
  • Fixed problem on Mac importing SFZs using backslashes.
  • Fixed issue with first preset in folder being overwritten.
  • Now uses its own knob mode preference rather than global preference in Cubase 4.
  • Improved error reporting in log file when data not in expected location.
  • Fixed issue with some imported brush images.
  • Fixed issue with MIDI learn of knobs in perform section.
  • Fixed tuning of Ensemblator keys preset.
  • Fixed missing save dialogue in Live.
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