Native Instruments Massive

Massive, Virtual hybrid synth from Native Instruments.

JeffTadashi 06/13/2012

Native Instruments Massive : JeffTadashi's user review

« A powerful, visually appealing synth »

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Native Instrument's Massive is one of the companies best standalone synthesizers, and it is truly very massive , very powerful, and very flexible. It is all synthesis-based, with no samples used (other than basic waveforms). It supports VST, Audio Units, RTAS (for Pro Tools), CoreAudio, WASAPI, and it comes in a standalone form. What's great about Native Instrument's plugins is that they are very compatible with both Mac systems and PC systems, so they are great for users that use both (like me).

Massive has an impressively large library, that is well organized, so it's easy to get some great sounds right away, and there is little need to make your own sounds from scratch (although it is completely customizable to do so). I generally find the whole routing and overlay of the sound synthesis a bit confusing to make a sound form scratch, but I am knowledgable to make changes to the basic sound properties, such as fx levels, filters, polyphony, lfo's, and so on. The massive synth truly is massive, but it does take some tutorials and learning to figure out how it all routes and works. This is a bit unlike other synths such as Omnisphere, where the interface and routing is very easy to follow.


One of the greatest features of Massive is the macro controls; there are 8 of them, and they can be assigned to any hardware knob, and can control almost any parameter on the Massive synth. This allows for incredible flexibility for live control, and you can make some amazing sound morphs with them. This is one of the trademarks of the Massive synth, and if live knob controls are your thing, this is the perfect solution.


Overall, Massive is a powerful synth that may be a bit over some people's heads, but that doesn't stop us from using it with great success. Be sure to try this one out!