Native Instruments Massive

Massive, Virtual hybrid synth from Native Instruments.

Adyssey Beats 06/22/2012

Native Instruments Massive : Adyssey Beats's user review

« Very Capable Program. »

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Getting Native Instrument's Massive set up in my DAW, Ableton Live 8, was fairly easy. However following the installation, like some comments have touched on, the sudden exposure to a complicated set of options and parameters that are NI Massive was confusing and intimidating. With the learning curve being so steep, I resorted to looking through some of the enormous library of presets provided and studying how each aspect of the synthesizer affected the signal. Although what I know today didn't come overnight, I found the process of teaching myself the ropes fun and inspiring. Just playing with Massive for a few minutes you can create something totally unique that you have never heard before. Although I had a few years of exposure to sound design before getting into massive, I firmly believe that anyone who dedicates an hour or two every day to the venture no matter what their skill in music production will yield great sounds and a better understanding of what contributes to their development.


The sounds that are produced in Massive are incredible. If you possess the skills you can create whatever you want, and map it to a midi controller very easily for live performances. As far as the stability goes, the VST certainly puts more CPU strain on my DAW, but it is nothing that my system has even been overwhelmed by. As with most other things in the world of electronic music, Massive takes time and effort to master, but the rewards are well worth it.


In my experiences with Massive, what I have appreciated the most is the community of artists who create and share their unique sounds with one another. This was extremely helpful to me in getting to learn about the program and unlocking its capabilities for use in my own sound creation and music production. Although it is not useful in every genre, overall I find it to be an essential element to my home studio and an inspiration to my music. Certainly well worth the money, but as a bonus, Native Instruments is running a 50% off sale on Massive right now. I'm sure it won't last long so if you feel the need to implement this in your set, get after it.