Native Instruments Massive

Massive, Virtual hybrid synth from Native Instruments.

Ouioui2306 07/09/2010

Native Instruments Massive : Ouioui2306's user review

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The installation is no problem as other vst tt!
I have never read the manual c is a synth found in the tt mass functions found in classic mao


J have a small laptop ds that I can open it already a lot of body mass without too much problem of latency or freeze the cpu to not bother to extend m m when I used to fix most pc Motu 896 MK3 is c tt good


I have been using more than one year may have near as many other plug of native instrument

I love that c is the wave forms embedded in this pluguin the sound filters and system lfo or polyphonic unison and spread the available

c is now clear it sounds good, but the performer personal and really not very useful when it is about to work seriously (it is more likely to use automation in daw)
but I think that c is a system that can be trainer for noobs

this plug loads many forms of sound synthesis tete fm rm additive subtractive

I don t like more than that the onboard effects (of tt way when you want big sound it makes ca in the mixer with other large plugs)

the Enwrapping are enough for me to be practical

the fact of having boxes under each parameter for link the lfo ect again c is very good trainer but I appreciated a longer modulation matrix and much more effective control is via the DAW (via multi-link with other plug twelve o'clock ect)

but hey I did it with what nimporte vst synth then again .... AC may be more but my mind is useless c

the mass remains one of my favorite porn I plug it opos rapture of the cakewalk that I prefer (c meter is possible to clean waveform) c but this is two highly complementary
Summary of c is very good plug for the connoisseur who will benefit from very good sounds
also very educational for noobs
and above all things and before c is a very good sound pluguin search the easy part of link tt lfo and another on the para and multilink with Velocity keyboard key and after that stuff tt