Native Instruments Massive

Massive, Virtual hybrid synth from Native Instruments.

BadApple 03/22/2011

Native Instruments Massive : BadApple's user review

« Best vst in the world. »

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With native instruments massive you sometimes have a bit of trouble installing it.
I however did not have this trouble but some people using digital audio workstations such as cubase and logic have a problem with it crashing when installing.
Everything on this synth is very easy to work out.
Everything just seems to be in the right place in terms of the vst, all the envelopes are located near each other and the oscillators are all under each other.
I found it relatively easy to set up but that is just me.


With my configuration as a laptop with 4gb memory and a 1.8GHz processor makes everything work as it should.
I will admit though that running a lot of massives all at once with a lot of delay will make your program lag a little, not enough to totally put you off but just a little that it can be annoying at times.
The performance is great, it even has extra settings on the vst such as eco, pro and ultra for how good performance you want.
Sometimes this vst will crash but it is an easy fix but can get irritating if you are half way through a track or something like that.


This vst in my eyes has to be the best vst no doubt about it.
Everything is amazing on it, simple layout lots of features envelopes lfos effects eq make this vst stand out from the rest.
I would like more envelopes personally to make even crazier sounds but I am happy with what is on it at the moment.
Sound quality is brilliant.
Value for price is great. I would like it to be cheaper but we all would want things cheaper anyway.
I would definitely make the same choice if I was needing to buy it again.
Perfect vst in my eyes.