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Rhythmic Robot Crank synth is out

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Rhythmic Robot Crank
News Rhythmic Robot Crank

Virtual hybrid synth from Rhythmic Robot

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Crank, the virtual synth that Rhythmic Robot had unveiled last month, is now available for the Native Instruments Kontakt.

Crank is described as an electric-acoustic hybrid virtual synth, which means that it blends acoustic and analog electronic waveforms. Rhythmic Robot was inspired by the sound of a hurdy-gurdy that he modified by adding the instrument a synthetic part and an erratic and unstable behavior to add color and organic warmth to the sound. The different waveforms will serve for soundscapes, textures, pads and other strange sound creation.

Crank is based on a dual-layer architecture, with the main waveforms being sampled chromatically for a long minute from the hurdy-gurdy. Their start points are then randomized so that you won’t find two identical notes. You can change their attack and ADSR controls are included.

Crank features two oscillator sections with Moog and Prophet-type low-pass filters. Oscillator A also includes a white noise waveform while OSC B has a vinyl crackling form. The waveforms can be multiplied and detuned (though their natural unstable behavior implies that they are already detuned).

The analog oscillator also includes classic waveforms (triangle, square, sawtooth) as well as a sine one octave below to boost the low-end. The synth offers various controls for the LFO, high-pass and low-pass filters, a Glitch button to randomize the whole instrument and you’ll find an effect section with chorus, phaser, delay, amp cab and rotary speaker simulations.

Crank requires the full version of Kontakt 4 or 5, it is available for the introductory price of £19.95 instead of £24.95 at www.rhythmicrobot.com.

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