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U-He Zebra 2.5.1 + Zebralette Free

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U-He Zebra 2
News U-He Zebra 2

Urs Heckmann (u-he) presents a new version of Zebra: v2.5.1 is now available for download.

Improvements include the new oscillator effects and 64-bit support.


Urs also decided to offer Zebralette for free. Zebralette started out as “magware” and then became part of the Zebra bundle as a learning tool for Zebra’s powerful oscillators. Zebralette is still automatically installed together with Zebra, but now has no demo limitations.


Read more about Zebralette here

U-He have also dropped the old $20 charge for upgrading from Zebra1 AU to Zebra2. All Zebra1.x license owners can retrieve a free Zebra 2.5 license from the support section.


Key changes announced by u-he:

  • adds about 70 new factory presets (Howard Scarr)
  • adds Zebrify presets (Tasmodia)
  • includes new manuals
  • adds two new spectral effects (Phase Distortion and Wrap)
  • includes native 64-bit support for Mac AU and VST Win
  • adds Cocoa view to AU version
  • loud spikes while switching presets now eliminated
  • improved timing stability for swing (affects LFOs and arpeggiator)
  • improved timing for MSEGs
  • improved CPU usage for RTAS (Mac) version
  • RTAS (Mac) now supports ctrl+alt+cmd+click (“3-finger salute”) automation
  • improved installers, take Win7 permissions issues into account
  • Zebralette is now freeware, includes extra presets (also by Howard)
  • various bugs and niggles fixed, minor GUI improvements
  • upgrade from Zebra1 AU is now free


Download it:

download Zebra 2.5.1 for Macdownload Zebra 2.5.1 for PC

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