JazzMan Ltd Zed Synth
JazzMan Ltd Zed Synth

Zed Synth, Virtual instrument for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad from JazzMan Ltd.

public price: $9 VAT
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Zed Synth, hybrid effect and instrument on iOS

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Richard Meyer, aka JazzMan Ltd, has launched on the AppStore a virtual hybrid synthesizer and effect for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The Zed Synth combines VA synthesis with physical modeling to create sounds as diverse as patches for electronic music or solo instruments. It ships with 140 presets that cover multiple music styles and you can share your patches with other users of the app.


  • Oscillators inspired by the 50s tube technology, with 4 settings that allow for creating several forms that can be modulated in real time
  • Hybrid modeling with a resonator that can be struck with a mallet, or excited by the synth section (including external audio) with multiple interactions to simulate diverse noises/effects
  • Ability to process external audio via Audiobus and send it through a string modulation and transform pitched and non-pitched sounds (beats)
  • Spring Box effect that can emulate the sympathetic resonance of the 88 strings of a piano or simulate the resonance of an instrument soundboard
  • Modulation matrix with multiple sources
  • Granulator: a type of arpeggiator that periodically and randomly triggers the sound and alters the pitch to create rhythms or chaotic sounds
  • Stereo expander
  • Displays the signal patch and routing of the different modules
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Audiobus, inter-app audio and Core MIDI support
  • Oversampling 4x
  • MIDI Learn
  • Built-in help
  • Patch sharing

The Zed Synth is available for $9.99 / 9.99 € at the AppStore. Here’s a presentation of the app by the creator and a demo of the app by Jordan Rudess:




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