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VirSyn iSyn

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  • Email and VirSyn have announced the release of iSyn Virtual Music Studio software for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

Features include two programmable virtual analog monophonic synthesizers and an editable sample-based drum machine featuring eight drum "kits". iSyn is designed to let users play music live with an onscreen piano keyboard and eight drum pads for live "jam" sessions or users can use the grid sequencer mode to easily and visually enter notes for automated playback of two synthesizer tracks and one drum track.

iSyn can even play a beat and synth track while users play live over sequence tracks for a one-man "iPhone band", according to its creators.

iSyn is designed to "let users subtly or wildly modulate sound parameters" with its X/Y touch screen or by tilting front to back and left and right using iPhone's accelerometer motion-sensing technology.
  • touch keyboard for live playing
  • eight drum pads- tap for live beats
  • three grid sequencer tracks- two monophonic synths and one drum track
  • two programmable three-oscillator virtual analog synths
  • 32 song projects, each with 32 independent patterns
  • modulation effects using tilt and X/Y touch screen
  • eight sample-playback drum machines- including 808, 909, synth drums and classic 80’s drum machines
  • effects generator with delay, chorus, flanger and phaser

iSyn will be sold exclusively through the Apple iTunes Online App Store (no pricing info yet).

Check out for more.
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