Virtual Instruments articles

  • Synthogy Ivory II Upright Pianos Mini-Review

    Synthogy Ivory II Upright Pianos Mini-Review - Uprighteous


    After Grand Pianos, it's the turn of the Upright Pianos bank to be ported to Synthogy's new audio engine. Let's give it a try.

  • Native Instruments Abbey Road 70's, 80's & Modern Drums Review

    Native Instruments Abbey Road 70's, 80's & Modern Drums… - On Abbey Road Again


    We tested the Abbey Road 60's sound bank about one year ago. In the meantime, Native Instruments has already released three more Abbey Road sound banks: 70's, 80's and Modern Drums. Let's get this show on the road...

  • Native Instruments Session Strings Review

    Native Instruments Session Strings Review - Native Adds Another String to its Bow


    String sections from John Williams or Hans Zimmer are pretty nice but they don't sound very rock 'n' roll. So we are very happy to welcome Native Instruments' Session Strings — a string section for Kontakt that is original in several aspects...

  • Native Instruments Alicia's Keys Review

    Native Instruments Alicia's Keys Review - Alicia in Virtual Land


    Following our review series on virtual pianos, we test the results of a triple collaboration between a manufacturer (Native Instruments), another manufacturer (Scarbee) and an artist (Alicia Keys).

  • Tonehammer Pianos Review

    Tonehammer Pianos Review - Pianos Like No Others


    The launch of the Montclarion Hall Piano gives us the opportunity to present to you the full range of Tonehammer pianos, characterized by the same original approach of all the other instruments by the manufacturer.

  • VSL Instruments Pro Mini-Review

    VSL Instruments Pro Mini-Review - Big Time VSL


    Vienna Symphonic Library recently presented its Vienna Instruments Pro. What is hidden behind this virtual instrument? Is it just an aesthetic update or a real evolution?

  • How to Get the Most Out of Them

    How to Get the Most Out of Them - Multitrack Drum Libraries


    More drum libraries are showing up in multitrack format from companies like Discrete Drums, Wizoo, East-West, Reel Drums, etc. Although these are sold on the basis of being useable out of the box for drum parts (with the additional advantage of being mixable), I see them more as a gold mine of raw materials for creating custom drum loops. Being ab…

  • Native Instruments Reaktor Prism Mini-Review

    Native Instruments Reaktor Prism Mini-Review - From Every Facet


    Prism is a polyphonic synthesizer included with the new products launched by Native Instruments in the Komplete 7 pack. Based on modeling technology... Let's find out what that means.

  • SPL DrumXchanger Review

    SPL DrumXchanger Review - Machine Drums


    Drum replacement tools were very rare a decade ago but have become much more common in modern music productions. When the inventor of the famous Transient Designer launched its own sound replacement plug-in, it was obvious for us at AudioFanzine to want to test this tool!

  • Spectrasonics Trilian Software Review

    Spectrasonics Trilian Software Review - Trilogy is Dead: Long Live Trilian!


    Spectrasonics has been living a love story with bass guitars for sixteen years. A long time before Omnisphere, Stylus and the famous Distorted Reality, one of the first products developed by Eric Persing and his team was Bass Legends – a sample bank CD dedicated to three of the most renown bass players on earth: Marcus Miller, John Patitucci and A…