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Thread Midi controller....and what else?

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1 Midi controller....and what else?
I run with Magix Studio on my Dell Laptop. Magix has virtual instruments programmed into it. I need a MIDI controller. The guy at the music store said all I needed was a Midi controller to be able to use the virtual instruments.The guy at the music store also works on commission.
Do I need anything else? I've heard the words Midi interface and that sounds scary. It sounds so adult...and so uhhhhh expensive! Anyway what do I need before I can unlock the magic of those virtual instruments?
nope just a standard midi to usb keyboard will work. i would think you would need an interface as you probably will only be using one controller at a time.
to use the Virutal instruments and all VST's you'll need a midi controller like nihility0000 said. however most all midi controllers that are out now are reasonabley priced and are either usb or firewire so it eliminates the need for an extra interface. however if your going to be recording&/or adding more midi capable equipment i would suggest getting a firewire interface that has mic and midi in's and out's.