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Thread Experience with OXE FM Synth?

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1 Experience with OXE FM Synth?
I'm a little bit new to VSTi, but not having too much trouble, but does anyone know which RPN control numbers apply to which controls on the OXE FMsynth, particularly its modulation matrix?

In detail, I am using Sonar PE 4, have a midi track playing out of the VST (configured as a DXi, I suppose) and would like to create an envelope for an OXE matrix controller. the envelope creator only allows the creation of RPN envelopes, so I assume that OXE uses rpn, but when I enter arbitrary rpn values and test out the resulting envelopes I don't hear evidence of a changing parameter, and don't see any knobs moving. I know I could test out numbers endlessly but does anyone by any chance have a list of the RPN control values for the OXE fm or (just throwing this out there) know the value for the Operator E output level?

Any help appreciated