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Thread Using Proteus X in Cubase SE

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Topic Using Proteus X in Cubase SE
Ok I am very new to this stuff. I am using E-mu's Proteus X on their 0404 sound card with the bundled Cubase SE. I can play the Protesu X software as a stand alone, I can record in Cubase with any other Midi VST instrument. But when I choose the Proteus, it shows up on the track, midi is asigned to the Proteus, when I bash the keyboard (dont play that well) the meter is regestering the input, but I hear no sound, also on the track being used, although the Proteus is displayed, there are no sounds listed. If I edit the sound via the edit buttone on the Cubase track, iup pops the Proteus, no trigger from midi, but if I play the graphical representation of the keyboard I can hear music!!!
Any one have a pointer....?
Create a separate midi track for ProteusX. The tracks that were created when you inserted PX are for automation, like volume and pan, not for midi note data. Assign the new midi track with PX as the output.
Thanks KitC, but does this mean screen will show 2 'channels' for the PX...
Not exactly channels, but automation tracks. I have neither PX nor Cubase SE, mine are EmulatorX and Cubase SL2 so I can only tell you what does appear on my system when I insert EmuX into Cubase: Volume and Bypass automation tracks. These aren't midi tracks in the sense that you can write note data into it. You're confusing the default created tracks with the usual 'channel' track. Like I said earlier, you have to insert new midi tracks and assign their output ports/channels to the PX.