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Thread need help with fl studio

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1 need help with fl studio
isnt there loops of drum rolls or fills and even say a measure or bar of beats to put together for a drum section. I can build a drum pattern from beginning to end, but it would sure be nice to have a large variety of fills to throw in at beginnings and ends of measures to spice it up.
Where can I get them and how would I import them into a file that FL can access?

Also I want to set up my FL to load directly into my Audition with each channel on FL fed into a seperate track on my Audition...Ive read it can be done with the vst / rewire functions but havent accomplished the task yet....help please.
Wut it dew mane... If your wanting drum rolls or snare rolls with fl studios go to the browser bar were you select what drums and stuff you want scrowl down tords the bottem to were it says scores and click on it it will give you acouple different kinds of drum rolls to use all you have to do is right click on which one you wanna here and send it to the drum or snare you wanna use it in. It also will give you melodys or drum loops to use okay hope that helps you out with that question.

As far as the second question goes I dont know so cant help you out with that one.