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Thread i think i was a bit rude

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1 i think i was a bit rude
anywho. i don't know if i just got in trouble but i know that there's a simple way to reduce midi latency in cubase. can someone remind me. i've been paralyzed by this for almost a week since i reinstalled windows. i use cubase with a delta 44 soundcard and a uno 1x1. i'm a little comuter unsavy so to speak.
go to devices vst mutitrack and change to asio full duplex
change to asio full duplex

%1$s a écrit change to asio full duplex

I think the M-Audio Asio drivers should be used instead of the ASIO Direct X Full Duplex or ASIO Multimedia drivers; these last 2 are legacy holdouts from previous versions of windows and are no longer pertinent in today's pc environment. Doesn't the Delta 44 have midi I/O as well?

There have been reported problems pairing M-Audio drivers with SATA drives, though. If you happen to be running your system from a SATA drive, I suggest contacting M-Audio TechSup to see if the problem has been corrected.