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Thread Virtual Instruments... I know nothing, teach me!

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Topic Virtual Instruments... I know nothing, teach me!
Hi, I have been using Fruity Loops and Adobe Audition for some time now usually recording rhythms on Fruity Loops and then recording live stuff over the top Audition. What i would really like to do is start adding some strings/brass and other orchestral sounds to my music.

How can I go about doing this? I hear about virtual instruments but I don't really know what they are... Can I purchase virtual instruments and use them in either Fruity Loops or Audition? Also, will I need a MIDI keyboard or can I just select the notes for the various orchestral instruments?

If someone could give me a breif overview on the subject and point me in the right direction that would be great,

Thanks, Mark.
Might I just say that if you prefer trance/dance synth sounds "z3ta+" and "vanguard" are the boys to go for; and a 303 of course; i'd reccomend either Moun Tau Pro/Tau 2, or Audiorealism Bassline if you prefer an onboard pattern sequencer and some fancier filters/distortion.
First let me tell you im using Logic , and i can tell for a long time i never believed in VST instruments, ive been doing music for a long time, well about 3 yrs ago i started using them, i can tell you they are awsome, i hardly use my Korg triton, ive been using all sorts of plugins, the sounds are better that alot of outboard gear. Iv been i true believer.
Now for your ? Vst are the same thing a having keyboards and drum machines in you computer,once installed they are at your command, say you want some good guitar sounds, you can buy say.... plugsound http://www.ultimatesoundbank.com/usb/exec/plugsound2 check this web site out and you can hear for yourself when you get to the site just click on the demo and you can get a sample of what the can sound like, just plugsound alone has 6 volumes, by using say the plugsound sound that i sent you is like having hundreds of guitar sounds from just one volume, and this is just one of hundreds of vst sounds, tat you can buy, you'll have to do research though to see what you want.
I know im kind of rambling but its kind of hard hard for me to explain.Email at Rence12@aol.com if you have any more ? about vst, id be glad to help...

I ALSO USE FRUTY LOOPS AND AUDITION AS MY MASTER RECORDER. i LIKE TOI USE fl for a basic drum track the render each individual drum piece to a wav then import to audition. I understand that somehow I can set up fl to be a vst of audition and that it will automatically import each individual piece to audition. Can You help?
Also I have experimented for months on making drum tracks that work fine in a song but isnt there some way of inserting drum fills or rolls at the end of measures without having to build them?