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Thread MPC 1000 routed to Reason 2.5 Help!!

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1 MPC 1000 routed to Reason 2.5 Help!!
I've got a nice GameTheatre XP sound card with two Techniques Turntables, an MPC 1000 (from which we do alot of padwork). Both of these devices go into a 4 track and then into my soundcard. I'm also running Reason 2.5.

My questions are these:

I'm having trouble connecting these devices to my computer. I have no midi cables hooked up, but I do have a USB wire running from my MPC to my soundcard. I've tried ableton Live and Sonar XL, and I can't get any sound from my devices to run from my computer in reason 2.5 <--How can I make this possible?

If anyone can give me some sort of direction on the best way to go with these devices, that would be great. I have been able to transfer some MPC samples to my computer, but they end up being the raw sample, and not the way we record it on the MPC unit.

I realize I have alot more studying to do, but if anyone could offer some help, or websites that offer solutions, that would be great. Thanks in advance for your time and effort....