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Thread FruityAcidLoops Guitar Plugin

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1 FruityAcidLoops Guitar Plugin
I've been working on an acoustic guitar plugin for Fruityloops for some time now. Here's the demo song:
All that you hear in there was made with the plugin. It features harmonics, soft pick and hard pick. The other plugins used to improve the sound of it were Reeverb and EQ. I still might make more sounds and make it into a guitar plugin instead of just acoustic.
it the best plugin' i ever heard and i tell you that because all my heart it is the best and i could repeat that song over and over and over again!! for 1 hour or more!!
I'm working on a new instrument for the plugin. It is based on a bass guitar I have. I'll post the demo loop in a sec.

Ok, 2 things.

There will be 5 different guitars with a few modes each:
1. Acoustic Guitar (Harmonics/Hard Pick/Soft Pick)
2. Distorted Guitar (Powerchords/Regular)
3. Bass Guitar (Stingray Bass Guitar/Funk Bass Guitar)
4. Lead Guitar (Distorted Lead, Slider Lead)
5. Blues Chug Guitar (One Setting)

A Reeverb is included for each of the 5 guitars which can be turned on and off. It also comes with an EQ. The EQ can be adjusted, but it also comes with some presets.

The second thing is that I posted a new demo.
your plugin sounds really nice..

actually such a guitar plugin is exactly what i'm looking for at the moment for FL :(
hey Fruity acid loops...when is ur plug in gonna be available. i need guitar plug ins for FL. i have none :cry: