Arturia Dr. Bob's Collector Pack
Arturia Dr. Bob's Collector Pack

Dr. Bob's Collector Pack, Virtual Intrument Bundle from Arturia.

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mrjason 12/29/2012

Arturia Dr. Bob's Collector Pack : mrjason's user review

« Comes with a DVD and book »

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Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack will work with just about any Windows computer; I have used it on XP and Vista. I have not had a chance to install it on my PC running Windows 7 yet though. My XP computer is where I use it most and I have 1 GB of RAM and it works just fine and has never caused any problems.


This pack comes with MiniMoog V, Moog Modular V, a DVD of Bob Moog’s Documentary and Bob Moog’s private archives. I really only purchased this for the MiniMoog V and MoogModular V. I was not worry about the documentary though it was pretty cool to have.


If you loved the original Moog’s then you will love this pack because all of the original sounds are there, plus it is really easy to manipulate those sounds and transform them into a new sound quickly. You can control all of the functions of the plug-ins with the knobs and sliders on your MIDI controller giving you the total Moog experience. There are over 600 amazing presets in this pack, and all of those can go from 2 to 32 voices polyphony. I have used this pack in Cubase and in Reason many times and it has not caused any problems.
If you are not a Moog lover or want to be a Moog user than you have no reason to purchase this. I think that they price point is decent but because they include the DVD and other stuff it jacks up the price a little bit more than I would have liked to see it. I really did not want the DVD or anything else, I just wanted the plug-ins. The documentary is ok though, it is about 2 hours long. It also comes with a book from Moog (not an instruction book) more of a book just about the background of a Moog. So you may want to go out and purchase the MiniMoog V or Moog Modular V by themselves if you are not interested in the DVD or Book.