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SpaceF Devices LBH VIII for Scope

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SpaceF Devices LBH VIII
News SpaceF Devices LBH VIII

Virtual Modular Synth from SpaceF Devices

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SpaceF-Devices has released “LBH VIII” , an infinite step and pattern sequencer for the Scope DSP Platform.

The device can be played with a midi keyboard and includes a wide array of modulation options. It’s modularity allows to load T-Drums or any BlackBox II oscillator and filters, as well as Zarg Music’s RD Oscillators. With the “Modular Insert S”, users can create their own patches for custom oscillators, drum modules and small synths, directly insde LBH VIII.

General specifications

    – Octophonic step sequencer with infinite steps and patterns.
    - No latency note-on triggers
    - 3 pitch/note sequencers with bidirectional portamento
    - 4 step-LFOs for modulations (the picth sequencers can also be used for modulation)
    - 4 length sequencers with variable length.
    - 6 multimode LFOs with 1 variable speed LFO.
    - 2 external modulation inputs
    - 2 stereo aux delays, 1 output limiter.
    - 8 audio inputs
    - 2 stereo auxiliary inputs
    - 8 individual stereo outputs
    - 3 stereo bus outputs (dry, delay 1, delay 2).
    - 1 midi input, 1 midi output, 1 split output.
    - More than 1100 parameters per pattern.
    - No problem of phase or DC offset, no drift away from tempo.
    - and much much more…

- Compatible with the BlackBox II “chord oscillators preset lists” of more than 200 piano and guitar chords, open tunings, scales and ethnic instrument tunings. Requires, BlackBox II or SpaceF Osc&Filters, or RD oscillators, Modular Inserts S.
- DSP Resources and hardware requirements: LBH VIII “empty” now uses 5 DSPs only instead of 6 previously. A Scope card of 12/14 DSP is advised for being able to load any oscillator, filters or drum module and allow a confortable experience with all features turned on. A powerful computer (dual core or more) is required for smooth transitions between patterns with lots of parameters changes. The devices size is 1121 pixels wide and can be used on 17' and 19' screens and with high resolutions such as 1920*1200.

For more information and audio examples
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