Way Out Ware SynthX
Way Out Ware SynthX

SynthX, Virtual Modular Synth from Way Out Ware.

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Way Out Ware SynthX for the iPad

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Way Out Ware announced the release and availability of their latest instrument developed for the iPad, SynthX.


SynthX is an analog modeling synth that has been designed for use on the iPad. SynthX melds a 6 voice/oscillator synth engine modeled after a vintage ARP synthesizer.


Users have access to 3 different on screen touch controllable interfaces as well as the ability to control SynthX via usb, and wifi MIDI controllers.


SynthX Features:

  • Polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer built using Way Out Ware's virtual analog technology.
  • 24 db/oct filter
  • Oscillators with simultaneous saw and pulse waveforms.
  • Noise generator with sample and hold
  • LFO Sync to MIDI Beat Clock
  • ADSR Envelope
  • Classic ARP style LFO, ADSR, and sample and hold control routings
  • Effects including Distortion, Delay, Limiter, plus Flanger and Chorus with syncable LFO.
  • Separate effects chain for external audio input.
  • Built-in recording with support for AudioCopy and Paste.
  • 200 patches.
  • Supports CoreMIDI including Note On/Off Send and Receive with Velocity, receive Aftertouch (including poly aftertouch), MIDI Beat Clock
  • Multiple playing modes including XY, Grid, classic Keys, USB MIDI, and WIFI MIDI


Pricing & Availability
SynthX is available now for purchase in the Apple iTunes Store with a price of $9.99

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