Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral
Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral

HQ-OR Orchestral, Virtual Orchestral Instrument from Edirol.

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Azuma 02/24/2013

Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral : Azuma's user review


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There weren't any kind of compatibility issues , the program worked really amazing on Windows XP, Windows Seven or even MAC OS.

The book provided with the program was very good , well detailed , all the information that was important was well explained there.

General configuration and setup is fast easy and so it doesn't require a lot of time and effort.


The software works smooth and its stability is very great and epic.
The functions and the performances are very nice , I think its great having your own orchestra in just a plugin.
I've been using this product for about 3 months , but I've used a lot its piano and slow strings selection.


What I like most about Edirol is that you have a full orchestra in your daw , it's very easy to use , it's fast , it doesn't require much cpu power.
I also like how many types of articulation and instruments are present in the product itself , surprisingly I have found that the keys , the concert piano are actually very high quality and sound much better than other huge libraries that cost much more and weight many and many hundreds of gb more.
What I do not like about this product is that you can't really compare the brass selection , the strings , with the top products like east west , native instruments , symphobia etc.

My opinion about the value of price is great , I think this product allows a lot of options and tweaking and it stays in a very comfortable price range for almost everybody.

Precision and quality of the sounds I would rate 8/10 , as I mentioned you get pretty good results for the size included and the price range , however if you want to make something very serious you must consider buying something better.

Knowing what I know , I don't think I would buy this product mainly because if you're a pro , you need to have pro hardware and software.