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Detunized.com releases “Harmona Forte” Live Pack

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Detunized DTS022 - Harmona Forte
News Detunized DTS022 - Harmona Forte

Virtual Organ from Detunized

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The Harmona Forte is a keyboard instrument similar to a reed organ.


The sound of the instrument is produced by air being blown through reeds of different length. The air is provided by an electrical 
driven blower that produces a permanent wind noise. With this functional principle and its sound the Harmona Forte belongs to the Aerophones.


The Live Pack contains the 5 original sounds of the Harmona but offers more flexibility. The stereo width and the levels of blower noise, key-on and key-off sound and the reeds are adjustable separately. Furthermore the Harmona Forte Live Pack contains 14 instruments that base upon the sound of the original. These 14 additional instruments are suited as supplement for textural or rhythmical layerings.



  • Format: Ableton Live Pack, PC/Mac, requires Live 7 or higher
  • Instruments: 19
  • No. of Samples: 245
  • Disk space: 130 MB



The Harmona Forte Live Pack is now available for 4.98 Euro (subscription) or 6.98 Euro (instant buy).

More information and audio demos at www.detunized.com.

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