Native Instruments B4 II

B4 II, Virtual Organ from Native Instruments in the B4 series.

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webstersays 08/18/2008

Native Instruments B4 II : webstersays's user review


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This software installed without any problems. I didn't have any compatibility issues. It was very easy to get set up. The only thing that was a little confusing was the registration. Native Instruments has a number you can call for help though, and they were very helpful with helping me with the registration keys. Once you get it installed, it's very easy to use at first. Then you realize how huge this program is, and how many options there are. It gets confusing from there! The manual is actually not that great, but it gives you a good starting point to check out all the features.


I have a dell computer with windows with an intel processor, and 2GB of ram. The software works very well with my computer. I use it in Cubase mostly. It doesn't ever crash the computer so it is very stable. It doesn't use a ton of memory so you can use it worry free on your recording.


I have had this for about a year. My band and I used this in a studio when we were recording our album. We wanted to put an organ on a song, but the studio didn't have one. When we mentioned we wished we could do that, they brought up this software. I was really blown away with how good it sounded! It's like having a box full of a ton of different real organs. You can really customize the sound too, even with different kinds of tremolo and distortion. Unfortunately when you play it with a MIDI controller a lot of the time it can sound a little fake, but it you're good with MIDI then you can make a performance seem totally convincing. I have heard other organ emulator software and this one by far takes the cake. I was so impressed with it that I bought my own copy for my home studio. The value for what you get is really great, especially when you compare it with the cost of getting just one real organ. I would buy it again.