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Sonokinetic Toccata

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Sonokinetic Toccata
News Sonokinetic Toccata

Virtual Organ from Sonokinetic

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Sonokinetic has released Toccata, a new pipe organ sample library for Kontakt which is described as "the largest and most epic instrument of all".


  • Core samples: 1 pipe organ. 20 registers (sustains & release samples) + 4 IR samples.
  • 1 multi instrument for Kontakt 4.1.1 with 3 tab screens – Main View, Convolution, and a credits tab.
  • Convolution reverb applied to the multi instrument to represent the original acoustic space.
  • 4 rooms available.
  • Sonokinetic clickable IR sphere design knob.
  • MIDI routing for three manuals.
  • Keyswitches for activating single registers or tutti groups.
  • 1750+ samples. (1.05 GB sample content).
  • 20 recorded pipe organ registers. The most commonly used registers for custom mixture combinations:
    1. Prinzipal 16′
    2. Gedeckt 8′
    3. Prinzipal 8′
    4. Gemshorn 4′
    5. Trompete 8′
    6. Klarinet 4′
    7. Tutti registers
    8. Holzgedeckt 8′
    9. Prestant 4′
    10. Holzrohrflöte 4′
    11. Schwiegel 2′
    12. Cymbel 1′ 3 st
    13. Krummhorn 8′
    14. Prinzipalbaß 16′
    15. Violonbaß 16′
    16. Subbaß 16′
    17. Praestant 8′
    18. Gedeckt 8′
    19. Choralbaß 4′
    20. Posaune 16′
  • Tutti register. Recorded with all registers opened. To Activate press the Tutti button on the Organ in the middle of the instrument main view tab or the sustain pedal.
  • MIDI routing: To spread all registers over multiple keyboards the multi instrument has a MIDI routing system on top the instrument panels. “link to lower” adds the pedal registers to the keyboard. To access the pedal registers activate this button.
  • Each register has its own acoustically optimized release trigger for a perfect noise free realistic and authentic tone characterization.
  • 4 impulse responses: 24 bit wave format. Chapel, Basilika, Large Dome, and Mosque (From the Tigris & Euphrates Collection).
  • Custom designed interface.
  • Interface installers for Mac, PC and manual instructions.
  • Royalty and copyright free content license.
  • Toccata Reference document (PDF).
  • Register & Mixture Reference document (PDF).
  • Historical and Musical Origins, Reference (pdf). A historical view on fairground organs".
  • Artwork : “Toccata” DVD cover. Designed by Pavel Fuksa.
  • 5 Demos from JB Organ works.


Pricing & Availability

It’s available now for €39.90.

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