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CtrlBrk Updates VstBoard

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CtrlBrk VstBoard
News CtrlBrk VstBoard

Virtual Rack/Host for Plug-in from CtrlBrk

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CtrlBrk has updated VstBoard to version 0.5.1.

Changes in v0.5.1:

  • Reaper now accepts more than one audio in/out.
  • There are now two “edit modes” : 'cables’ and 'value’:
    • In 'cable’ mode: dragging a pin will create a cable (you can still use the mousewheel to change a parameter value).
    • In 'value’ mode: dragging a parameter pin will change its value (fine-tune with ctrl, alt or shift, each modifier key multiply the precision by 10). Dragging an audio or MIDI pin will create a cable.
    • You can select a mode with the shortcut keys 'E’ and 'V’.
  • New shortcuts:
    • To show the plugin editor : double click the plugin title, or press 'E’.
    • Toggle the learning mode on/off with 'L’.

Changes in v0.5.0:

  • The panel content was sometime deleted after moving or copying programs.
  • The optimizer was erroneously deleting some render nodes: some plugins ceased to work after a program change.
  • The “render map” is only updated when something change.
  • Kontakt was hanging when loading a file and no audio interface were opened.
  • Program changes were not responding when the plugin was suspended by a host.

Changes in v0.4.9:

  • Added a handle to resize the window when VstBoard is loaded as a plugin.
  • Fixed custom colors when loaded as a plugin.
  • Fixed the Shell plugins loader.

Changes in v0.4.8:

  • There are now two plugin DLLs: instrument and effect.
  • Fixed a bug preventing a host to restore the saved state of VstBoard.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with Renoise and EnergyXT.
  • Audio buffers are not clipped at 0db anymore.

Changes in v0.4.7:

  • Fix for the last fix.
  • Show all parameters if the plugin has no editor.

Changes in v0.4.6:

  • Vcredist included.
  • DLL and exe are not packed with mpress anymore (to avoid some antivirus warnings).
  • Better handling of “dynamically assigned parameters” (for Guitar Rig, Kontakt, …).
  • Windows XP compatible.
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