DiscoDSP Bliss
DiscoDSP Bliss

Bliss, Virtual Sampler/Sample Player from DiscoDSP.

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DiscoDSP Bliss Beta 5

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DiscoDSP has released the Beta 5 version of its sampler Bliss.

This new sampler is also able to load and host VSTi instruments for multi-sampling them without any quality loss on Mac, Windows and Linux.

New features include:

  • Added global on/off buttons in send effects section.
  • Added export slices to midi file using sync to ticks and host BPM as reference.
  • Added drag and drop slices to midi clip from plugin to host (ctrl+shift drag with mouse left button when the sample is sliced, taking into account SYNC and host BPM).
  • Added Sample editor > Cue > Destructively render slices to zones.
  • Added button to enable and disable sync to ticks in sample editor.
  • Added scrollbar to sample editor.
  • Added sample editor now remember its size when opened inside the plugin window.
  • Added sample editor remember if it was open when the plugin window is closed.
  • Added highlight text indicate when a value is already assigned in macro editor.
  • Added allow load by dropping multiple samples or programs (not both).
  • Added flag to enable or disable undo useful when working with huge instruments.
  • Added delay to LFO.
  • License.dat accepted with .txt extension.
  • Changed bank/zone < > triangles by slim < > ones as they appear on combo boxes.
  • Fixed a problem with pitch bend when retriggering new idle voices.
  • Fixed problem with macros not recalling.
  • Fixed better handling of memory units in undo actions.
  • Prettified zone names by leaving number, program name, root note and key range for freezed samples.
  • Restored cue options in menu to top level instead of submenu to ease access.
Previous customers can download beta 5 from their Members Area.
Bliss final price will be $99 / €89 / £59 / ¥12.000, but it is currently 50% off until beta period ends.
More information is available at the Bliss page at DiscoDSP's website.
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