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Tascam GigaStudio 160

Thread Which sound card works for GigaStudio??

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1 Which sound card works for GigaStudio??
Hello Guys,
Does anyone knows which system can I run the GigaStudio without any pop or click when plays heavy pianos and sounds??

I have an athlon XP2600+, two 7200 HDs, Two M-audio Sound cards 1010LT and audiophile 2496 (synced), A7V8X MoBo, Windows XP Professional, and run Sonar.
I don't have IRQ problem, I work with PC standard (no ACPI), Did all Windows optimizations, lastest drives for the soudcards.
In fact I have a good system to run it, I did everything that's is recommended, but still can't run this without this pops!!!

Could be these sound cards??? I mean, M-Audio has GSIF, but the point is: It's really works??

Thank you for reading

I know the feeling. I have 3 different sound cards including the MAaudio (RME and Terratec also) and have found the Audiophile to work the best. I found some of the popping was actually overdrive, I eliminated by lowering the levels in Giga. But following Tascam's directions about ACPI may be part of the problem. That was apparently a problem on Windows2000 but was corrected with XP. I discovered this when I couldn't get my Intel P4 with hyperthreading to show up as 2 CPU's. So I reintalled XP and did not disable the ACPI and it works much better.

Yes I working with PC stardard, But I get separades IRQ for each board, audiophile and 1010LT. In this case I still have to change to ACPI?

By the way, how you use the GigaSutdio, with a audio card separated and other MIDI interface? You Can Run it together with others softwares? Do you use huges pianos like Bosendorfer 290 PMI Grandioso and they doesn't pops?? Could you recommend Someone? How about Basses and Drums?

Any Pro Audio Card supports GSIF drivers