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Thread Reason, NN-XT, clicking during sequencer playback of slices

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1 Reason, NN-XT, clicking during sequencer playback of slices
I wonder if you can rescue me here from my pit of technological despair.

I have cut up a vocal sample in cubase into several parts and stretched them slightly, so that they fit the tempo of my song in Reason. I exported each sample into the nn-xt to play sequentially by drawing the correct note lengths in the edit view. But something strange is happening when they play back. There is a distinct clicking sound at the beginning of each sample.

This is NOT a problem with the samples, as I have played each sample in a loop in a separate audio editor and there is no click present. Also, when I press each key at the correct time to play the slices back, you cannot hear the clicks. Do you know why or how these clicks appear when Reason plays them back in sequence from the drawn notes? It's putting my entire track on hold! Just when I thought I was on my way to finishing it...

Any help (or not) would be appreciated.

this is a long shot, but could it be the length of the drawn notes in the sequencer?  also have you tried using the NN-19 to see if it does the same thing, or maybe even converting it to rex and trying it in the Dr Rex module?

Hi Kon-tiki

Many thanks for your reply.

I've since discovered what the problem is.


I have discovered that when you stretch a sample to fit a new length, Cubase FADES out the sample at the end!  Not only that, even tho when you drag the sample it 'snaps' to the grid, when you zoom in, you can quite clearly see a gap between the end of the sample, and say, the bar to which you dragged it to! 

I didn't hear the clicks when I played it back because I had the METRONOME on. BUGGER!

There is no easy way around this.  I've tried using Ableton but it's confusing the hell out of me and i don't have time to sit down and read a manual right now.  So I'm going to spend a good hour tweaking the samples in a separate audio editor to iron out the gaps and keep them the same length.

Thanks again for your reply.  If you do have any suggestions on how I might avoid this happening again (i.e. not using cubase lol) then I'd be keen to hear