EastWest Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock
EastWest Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock

Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock, Virtual Sound Module from EastWest.

Bourgmestre 09/02/2010

EastWest Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock : Bourgmestre's user review


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No problems with installation. Of course, it's a bit long but now, given the size of the libraries is normal. The registration system with the iLok is not obvious at first but actually it's not that complicated. Remember to install the USB driver before ilok! And do the SHIFT with version 2 of Play also ...


I have a date now that config: Athlon 64x2 2.2 Ghz, 2 GB of RAM. It works without problems. The convolution reverb is CPU-intensive, turn it off if it is not essential. Pb no stability, it turns nikel.


I use the software for 2 months and I am generally satisfied, even if everything is not perfect. I actually regret that all sounds are not also available online to use an amp simulator. The sound of Les Paul Standard PowerChords coupled to Guitar Rig 4, it rocks! It sounds better than the recorded sound with amp. on the other hand special mention for his solos, they are beautiful as is and have many keyswitch. Agreements Telecaster and the Gibson acoustic are good too, they make the stuffing. I am more doubtful about the bass, they sound good but are very typical and therefore are not malleable. The batteries are a good player but the play that shows its limits: we can not assign individual sounds to separate outputs (or so I did not see how).
In short it is a software quality even if not perfect. It helps to ring quickly and fairly credible rock music.
ps: I forgot a few other guitars sound like this excellent strat to ska rhythms, but also funk.