UVI Plugsound Box (6 volumes)
UVI Plugsound Box (6 volumes)

Plugsound Box (6 volumes), Virtual Sound Module from UVI.

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berthi10 02/14/2006

UVI Plugsound Box (6 volumes) : berthi10's user review


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No pb to install. However Internet connection and seemingly ultimate imperative allows only two facilities, should not change often micro! ca is a zero on this, like the rest goes well I put 2
The manual is super clear: no y 'and y' are not needed.


3GHz P4 1GB Ram, 200 Gohde
Reading midi file with drums, bass, keyboard, 2guitares, string, or 6 patches simultaneously, without pb.
For the record against if I add an audio track it crashes.
To have no pb, I convert the midis to wav, limiting myself to one VST at a time.
So no points.
I used to save often since I PSBox.
In terms of sound:
cd Keyboards: super
cd fretted: super
cd drums: super, super
hip hop cd: I use little (I do a blues / rock)
cd synths: super
GM global cd: very well
I like everything but all that is wind instrument.


I have used 2 months.
I appreciate the quality of sound, the ergonomics of the software including the ability to create a list of favorite instruments, which avoids to search each time.
This is my first instrument Virtual I am very satisfied.
If it again, I find the same thing but so that I can reinstall it every time I change a microphone. I think I would have the balls in a few months (or years) if I can not install it because I used up my rights to activate the software, which I recall are two in number.
That said I enjoyed an excellent price promo at Christmas, so I also decided I would not have bought at current price (I think).