VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Orchestral Strings I
VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Orchestral Strings I

Orchestral Strings I, Virtual strings ensemble from VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library).

mmldz 03/03/2014

VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Orchestral Strings I : mmldz's user review

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reputation is second to none. However I have always had a concern for doing the sound samples in a composite. I realized after recording the staccato did not play perfectly in time and that there were discrepancies on certain notes with delays of a few tenths of a second (even after quantization) it concerns short samples as detached or staccato (but not pizz!) This concerns srting orchestra and solo but also flutes or clarinets versions. I reviewed all my settings and got help support VSL. Everything is perfect and I would apparently only to know or hear dysfunction (which does not occur when playing the instrument but reading after registration) quantifying the audio on Logic restores a little shoots but it's DIY ... I am obliged to turn to other bookstores. It's a shame. If anyone has experienced this thank you to let me know.