VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Orchestral Strings I
VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Orchestral Strings I

Orchestral Strings I, Virtual strings ensemble from VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library).


VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Orchestral Strings I : Anonymous 's user review


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It is a stand alone or VST player with samples .. samples and so many samples!

The sounds are great.
Obviously, when one wishes to make a huge sample library is also limitless, we still feel that despite the incredible amount of articulation, nuances etc. .. still missing the one we want: P
I find that such lack of PPP. some effects (glissandos for example) work very well but again we love more than nuances.
the sounds are very "close" no reverb. it allows you to add what you want .. and yet it makes all a bit aggressive.
I am not a fan of violins in the registry pp acute (it's stupid for violin). the mute mode that fixes a few but ...

good but should not laugh, in typical use is a great tool. Legato mode allows automatically to the effect that the players move from one note to another by placing their finger on the string. We have the impression of classic samples which means again the attack of the bow: P

I bought the FULL version because trill of a joint that allows a fast game and air that I had never seen on other samples.

HYPER problem is greedy! a computer to count the strings, one for brass etc!

I use it with V-Stack (very good) or Forte (small display bug) because if we stand alone in a single midi channel.

the interface could be improved. with less design and more efficiently. Here you have to walk several pages to see all of the parameters that could be displayed at the same time without charging the window (I think).

For 3 months.
is an extremely powerful sampler (the most powerful in fact) but as always we are confronted with a limit. It says here the limit and already far and it's a great tool for the composition but also the production.

Well of course I paid 4 times because the "cow" it cost a bridge!

When we see progress in synthesis for plucked strings including (steampipe in reaktor) one wonders why one is always obliged to enter the sample banks also enormous. But well have to wait several years for the bowed string: P

So buy only if you can make it profitable and if you are sharp orchestral writing.

I am not the maximum, yet there is nothing better for orchestral samples (for now) but considering the size, interface, the power required and the price is really a separate product: S