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KX77FREE KX Synth X16 v3

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KX77FREE KX Synth-X16 v3 [Freeware]
News KX77FREE KX Synth-X16 v3 [Freeware]

Virtual subtractive synth from KX77FREE

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KX77FREE has released version 3.0 of KX-Synth-X16 and updated KX-Modulad to v2.1.

KX-Synth-X16 v3.0
The KX77FREE oscillators replace the native SE oscillators (tweaked), several hundred internal modules have been deleted. The result is –40% of CPU use gain (-33% up to –50%), according to the company:

  • The waveforms have been modelled by using additive synthesis (Wavetracer v2.0). This technology produces waveforms like the original analog waveforms, the timbre and the shape can be identical or very close.
  • The harmonic number of the waveforms is controlled for all frequencies to avoid any aliasing and the band width of the low frequencies is very large (up to 1600 harmonics for 0 volts).
  • Now, the Kx-Synth-x16 oscillators are 100% compatible with the KX-Modulad waveforms. These waveforms are available on kx77free.free.fr (The file is “x16-Add-Waveforms.zip”).
  • VCS3's waveforms:
    • osc-sine-10 = rectified+.
    • osc-sine-11= normal.
    • osc-sine-12 = rectified-.
    • osc-tri-10 = normal.
    • osc-saw-10 = normal.
    • osc-saw-11 = for the pulse.
    • osc-saw-12 = inverted.


  • New parameters: “G VCOs” to put all VCOs in phase for fat basses.
  • New LFO parameters, the AUX envelope can control the LFO speed and its amount to the LFO level is now independent of the main AUX envelope level used to the matrix.
  • MIDI input channel selector added.
  • All the MIDI learn parameters are set to “none”, so you start with a blank MIDI learn setting.
  • All banks in version 2.5 are compatible with those of version 3.0. This new version keeps the same VST index (ID) of version 2.5 in order to preserve the compatibility of the presets between the two versions.

Fixed bugs:

  • If a negative value of velocity modulated the release of the VCA envelope, the VCA output level could be completely saturated.


KX-Modulad v2.1

  • Wavetracer v2.0: all KX-SYNTH-X16 V3 waveforms were done with this new version.
  • Help texts for all Wavetracer parameters.
  • 13 new waveforms are available (inside the zip file: “Mod-Add-Waveforms.zip”).
  • All the MIDI learn parameters are set to “none”, you start with a blank MIDI learn setting.
  • Fixed bugs: the MIDI Learn channel was always selected to “All” and the Aftertouch destinations were wrong.
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