KX77FREE KXOMNI-600 [Freeware]
KX77FREE KXOMNI-600 [Freeware]

KXOMNI-600 [Freeware], Virtual subtractive synth from KX77FREE.

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shimshaker 07/29/2006

KX77FREE KXOMNI-600 [Freeware] : shimshaker's user review


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First Super Audio Fanzine for his information about the freeware, and also Kalensky meri,
for his talent!

So much for the installation files no problem Vst Plug-in and go!
Incompatibilities not meet, opening the instruments and then play without problem,
configuration gnrale faile is a Premire use so little small, but the foundation in analog and CONTRL ACCS direct, without too much difficulty, sounds good pais well in their bases, leaving large possibilties, the tuning, and modlisations, dja and a beautiful banks of presets, listen, it's worth!


On a PC P4 640, socket 775 of ASR VIAP880 GZH 1 + 3.2 gigabytes of ram, 220 Sata drive, sound card Audigy ZX.
No problem for software.
Between 20 and 40% use of resources, but dpend 1 or 3 instruments.
Stable configuration during Run.


This is my Premire use.
Maximum of the tuning possibilities.
It is freeware gnial!
Yes goods sr!