Native Instruments PRO-52

PRO-52, Virtual subtractive synth from Native Instruments in the PRO-5 series.

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AlanForPresident 05/03/2012

Native Instruments PRO-52 : AlanForPresident's user review

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The Native Instruments Pro 52 has just about everything that I would want out of a virtual synth. It has a nice classic look and feel too it. Not too many bright and eye popping colors. Pretty easy on the eye and the brain. Everything is right in front of you with this synth, meaning you really wont have a problem figuring it out. I am pretty sure there isn’t a manual for this because I actually looked around online a while back trying to find one. Not that I needed it I just wanted to figure a few simple things out and that was when I was a beginner and I have come a long ways since then. It was years ago when I first used this and from time to time I still load it up and mess around with it and some of the sounds actually make it to my final master production and don’t get subbed out for something else.

Installing it was a breeze, never had a single issue with it , no crashed freezes ups or nothing. I have only used this in fl studio and logic on my mac a few years ago. On a pc and a mac it worked great, both of the platforms really worked well and gave this software no compatibility issues once so ever.

I am glad that I still have this installed on my system, though if I ever have to do a master reset on my computer im not too sure I can still load this back up because I don’t have any of the license info anymore. Maybe I can get it from the website, but since its an outdated model now they probably wont have it any more. They have upgraded the Native Instruments Pro 53, made some changers and made it better!