Togu Audio Line U-NO-60 [Freeware]
Togu Audio Line U-NO-60 [Freeware]

U-NO-60 [Freeware], Virtual subtractive synth from Togu Audio Line.

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nico21120 06/04/2007

Togu Audio Line U-NO-60 [Freeware] : nico21120's user review


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Pb-free installation, no incompatibilities encountered config Ok, explanations on the publisher's website (in English), do not know much about the synthesis, however, I managed to get by!


Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66 GH, 2048 RAM, Creative Audigy card drivers ASIO
Works very well, so few other VSTi / VST greedy loaded. It is the only defect of soft, he is himself quite delicious!


Downloaded the day it was released in Friday's freeware AF, There are 2 / 3 days. Really, really nice. I do not know the original model (Juno 60) that inspired it, but it is very fun to discover and analog synthesis, after all, can make sounds from simple to ornate. Me, I like the simulation of synth inspired by a particular model. In any case, it sends, and we feel that there has been a big big job behind to emulate the characteristics of the original. The sound is alive! In short a great virtual instruments, to try (for fans of Afrobeat, Fela Antibalas to, do not miss! After tinkering a bit, play a good rhythm Afrobeat, we can spend time there!) .
Value for money: well we can say that for a price equal to 0, it has provided a great quality!