EastWest Symphonic Choirs
EastWest Symphonic Choirs

Symphonic Choirs, Virtual Vocalist from EastWest.

stompboxjon 06/14/2012

EastWest Symphonic Choirs : stompboxjon's user review

« big software, long installation time »

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The Symphonic Choir is a plug in that I didn’t want to invest it. Just because at the early stages of my musical compositions I overlooked the importance of having some really good choir samples and sounds ready to go. Most of my other softwares like the Kontakt bundel and some other vst’s have a lot of chior sounds in them. Usually I only use choir to fatten up some of my music, I never use it to stand out . So I though that I could just get by with using some of the cheaper choir patches that came with other vst and plug ins. But when I got Symphonc choir all of my thoughts changed, there is a big difference with the preset banks in most vst’s and patches, when you have symphonic choir you really have full conrol over the sound and its really almost like having a live choir on hand to use in your usic.


It did take some time to really understand and get into depth of the program but after you practice and mess around or read the manual it wont be hard anymore. The thing that I hated the most about it is that it takes forever to load and install. Its sort of too long, my computer is fast and it still took a long time, I cant remember how many gigs it was to install I just remember it taking a long time.


Yes, you should buy it. The price isn’t as bad as some of the other stuff from EastWest or else I wouldn’t have got it, But its affordable and worth the buy, and installing it is also worth the wait. Because it will take some time to install, you will have to get up from your computer and do something else while you wait.