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Mixvibes VFX 1.3

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Mixvibes VFX
News Mixvibes VFX

MixVibes has launched version 1.3 of its VFX Control digital video mixing solution for professional DJs and VJs.

VFX's look and feel has been updated. A new workflow display has been added for access to essential features. Various keyboard shortcuts have also been introduced.


The addition of HID Protocol to VFX Control 1.3 offers control of jog wheel movement, loops, pitch bend and more. VFX Control is now also pre-mapped for about 20 controllers, including MixVibes’ U-Mix Control Pro as well as Pioneer CDJ 900 and 2000 players and other controllers. Additional changes include showing VFX data on the CDJ LCD display screens for scrollable media bases, artwork and waveforms. VFX Control 1.3 has been equipped with MixVibes’ BPM analyzer. Previews of video transitions can also be done before loading onto the track. Further developments include the synchronizing of audio and video files within each player: for example, a scratch, loop or rewind will impact both audio and video tracks simultaneously. A Track Repeat function also replays both media in an endless loop.


In addition to ASIO driver support, VFX Control 1.3 also supports WASAPI, which can be operated in shared mode.


Pricing & Availability:

VFX 1.3 software retails at £329 and is included with the VFX controller package for £429.


Upgrades for owners of previous versions are free from www.mixvibes.com.

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