Electro-Harmonix Iron Lung
Electro-Harmonix Iron Lung

Iron Lung, Vocal Processor from Electro-Harmonix.

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Electro-Harmonix Iron Lung : Anonymous 's user review

«  very satisfied with my purchase »

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- Vocoder effects pedal format
-1 Tone (muffled sounds / clear) / 1 gender bender (voice bass / treble voices) + 3 sections gain
-entrée/sortie instrument

appearance: 10/10 (vintage to perfection)
Ergonomics: 7/10 (entered the microphone on the right side, lost space in a compact config)
Built: 10/10 (this is very robust, despite the rather small size, this pedal is unbreakable)



At the beginning if you do not know the principle delicate it can parraitre.
But once the machine tested, after a quarter of an hour had found the sound that are looking for.

I would have liked more of demo on the site so I'll put 9/10

if anything to add on this point (it is faster round)


The sound is perfect for my taste.
But having tested this model I can not have an objective opinion.

My search criteria vocoder until you have had:

-Ability to understand what the vocoder transmits (all words, all syllables, everything I say or sing inside wholesale)
- A very daft vocoder / air ...
Its a vintage-typed (colored wishes)

he any good so I put 10/10


I have used it for one week
I have not tried any other model before

+ = All (a jump thing)

- = Just one thing (the location of the microphone connection)

Paid-in musikia € 124 (which I have delivered the last)
I found the price very correct

I do not have enough perspective to say whether I will ever be this choice, since this is the first I'm testing vocoder, but I'm very happy.