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Roland VP-7
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«  simple, efficient, good vocoder including »

Publié le 06/18/14 à 01:04
harmonizer duo/trio1/trio2
vocoder mono or poly (as presets)
good connections: stereo outputs, microphone input, audio input for playback of an audio source (hop and two slices released on a console :)), activating a bypass footswitch function in MIDI.
comes with a headset super quality.


onfig ultra simple. a button function. no editing sounds against. this is not the object of the machine. for vocoders, enough presets to find the right sound and you can adjust a reverb / delay effect added, the mix between active voice and voice effect and microphone sensitivity. the same for the harmonizer function.
not needed to open the manual ...


the voice sounds are good (vocals) found eternal "scat" Roland synths, sound that fun 2 minutes but never used lol.
function harmonize effective when embedded in a mix. definition remains somewhat artificial but I knew it complies with videos demos running on the internet.
very good vocoder is basically why I fell for the craft. quality microphone comes with it a lot but the presets are really damn, there is a beautiful definition of formants is what I was missing on one of my Microkog XL or my R3 before (which was better than the MKXL though)


I was looking mainly a complement to live and especially effective vocoder in the audibility of speech. VP-7 responds perfectly. harmonize the function remains artificial in its rendering but provides more available. but not edit presets but enough to find happiness.

1) unlike MKXL and R3, when you do not sing the sound stops even if the note on the keyboard is held; damage function was convenient to make games fun scenes, gender pretend to have the lungs of Celine Dion. with VP7, good, ben must take a breath for a held note lol
2) a button octave + / - would have been nice: harmonizer follows you on the basis of the octave in which you sing and it makes harmonies sometimes too acute or too serious as appropriate. the same for the vocoder, this would allow easy rather than setting the master keyboard settings, especially from vocoder solo on a keyboard also dedicated to other sounds. but we manage to circumvent
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