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TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play
TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play

Vocal Processor from TC-Helicon belonging to the VoiceLive series

windigo windigo

«  Not really convincing »

Published on 03/19/12 at 17:59
The effects are complete and cover the range of needs of a singer in any genre. Over 200 editable Presets are present. Categorized by genre you can have the list of correspondence via a free software (Voice Support) on the site www.tchelicon.com. This is a model pedal scene. The technology is digital. connectivity is an XLR input, a mini jack Auxiliary, a 6.35 in stereo pedal footswitch. Output a mini USB to download and use PC interface, two stereo XLR, mono chance to get out.
On the side and impractical, a gain controller.
There are also two mic Room called good sense.


ON not be simpler, model finally within reach of everyone at TC Helicon.
Without documentation, immediately usable in its basic with Presets, editing is easy with lighted keys and a crystal clear display, plus everything is editable. on the other hand, updating firmware is imperative.


The effects are good on stage, but watch the gain setting. We really obtain the desired sound by refining, but in the studio, we prefer the racks Works, more, Voice and the excellent live or Harmony G XT. Guitar and keyboard are the best companions. The reverb, echo, Wall, Money is property, but not FX, typed Tune In, megaphones, spam, distortion, vocal guitar.


I fully discovered and exploited in a month, it's really good for a singer, but the Boss EV 20 is both more convenient and is in the same range and cheaper. I am fortunate to have much time in the range TC Helicon, Digitech, and Boss, I know these processors.
What I found good: well made sensitive microphones to three uses, the headphones without microphone effects, sound with an acoustic instrument, capturing the mood a lot relative to micro recorders .
Simple to use, publishing and parameters.

Alas here are the least numerous: Loops too short, look Cheap, Footswitch imperative, not the sound quality of the other brand, an immediate update
to do no better than a VE 20, therefore, too expensive, especially in hard GXT.Les harmonies too limited. Gain control misplaced and overly sensitive.
No switch, usual.
With experience and processors that I have not, if he fails, I do not rachèterais is a "toy" and this is my first disappointment, I hope that TC will do better in H next roll.