TC-Helicon Correct
TC-Helicon Correct

Correct, Vocal Processor from TC-Helicon in the VoiceTone series.

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le reverend 07/17/2008

TC-Helicon Correct : le reverend's user review

«  Not very practical to take the lead »

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As said before, it's a EQ / compressor de-esser + + pitch corrector
Overall, it serves to make the voice more clearly in a mix or live without (too) are known. In pedal, because when we sing, we do not have time to regulate his strip, while there, you can activate an effective equalizer (I will return) by a subtle and gentle pressure metatarsal!
No publisher PC or Mac, XLR connectors for input and output, power supply provided


Config simple, especially if you just leave everything on autopilot (and already like that, it sounds).
The manual is slightly larger but much information is anyway not very complicated to take his first steps.
Personally, I connect, I press ON and let it all set. It could not be simpler, right?


No effect per se, but a sound processing that will play on the rendering of your voice. This will become clearer and more intelligible. The effect is not conclusive (the audience does not suspect anything actually), but the song comes out much better.
I use the de-esser, which does not introduce artifacts in the settings I used (not extreme)
Attention to pitch corrector really makes his job: whether to have a vocal line quite related, with links between notes and arrived rather "soft" or notes lying around (typically as in blues), the controller induces a disruptive (audible discontinuities)


I use for many years. I use it in rehearsal to get out of the mix better with my little SM58. The craft goes back much quality and level, the voice becomes clearer really, it means better, need to mount the volume (our ears say thank you) and suddenly, it gives more confidence badly when singing.
I used it plugged into my EAR, or on a console, it works as well.

It's a bit expensive but worth it if you sing regularly without sound engineer.

As default, well it's not very customizable, but it's a little reason for the correction (better song without touching anything, almost)
Pay special attention to shape and compress settings when you want to do it yourself: Depending on the configuration of your local, it can generate feedback. But again, we learn by using, not a serious problem.

There's no real equivalent to this correction it seems to me to buy stuff from heavy and dive into the documentation and testing.
So, for lazy people like me (or those who are more interested in the result by the hacker approach), Correct it does, and rather well.