TC-Helicon Correct
TC-Helicon Correct

Correct, Vocal Processor from TC-Helicon in the VoiceTone series.

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Whynot 10/22/2007

TC-Helicon Correct : Whynot's user review


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In a format PDAL is a EQ / Comp / de-esser / Pitch corrector

for technical specifications, I invite you read the instructions on the website of TC Helicon.

There is no shipping possible. Function "adaptive" to the RULES EQ and comp on their own according to the voice or hand function o is the intensity correction RULES of the EQ or compressor so- same. (I understand the instructions in English ...).

The pitch has a foot switch on / off and is adjustable in intensity correction.

The de-esser is not adjustable in intensity of the foot switch but an on / off button.

there is a button "Warmth" to make the voice more "warm"

One between two XLR XLR Stereo or mono, or mono (wet, with the effect) and dry (unprocessed sound.


The config is very simple to use: you plug, it RULES the input to the microphone to avoid a full, sing! your exact and is simply fabulous.
There is no shipping possible and the manual is quite well done.

The overall use is very simple.

The format is very well PDAL for transportation and installation of basic voice + guitar amp, but in fact the effect is always "on" during a set.


I use a guitar amp (AER) with XLR between voice, the voice silent trs own dj live in the amp, via a 58 sm, but with the EQ + comp, I use in automatic modes, the day and night!

The grain of the voice is clear, it is better Dfine. The comp gives this little live ct / pro which is a standard rendering global diffrence.

I do not use de-esser, which is however small dose effective.

I do not use pitch correction, even low doses, because as I sing often wrong ... I feel like I use a chorus / flanger when a correction.


I use it for about a month.

For which a minimum config like me, guitar / voice amplifier, and is not ing sound with a table and all the trimmings, this is simply indispensable pedals to sing by being really happy with confidence .

It does not give 250 price level, but in the average quality effect pedals and accessible. To my knowledge it has no equivalent on the market (in format PDAL)

I couple with the VoiceTone Create (sound processing and delay of all kinds) and all gave a new dimension to the voice. I think the bcp VoiceTone Correct, however most original in concept.

I think I have for a long time ... How could I do without all this time ????!!!