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Apple GarageBand App
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Apple GarageBand for iPad 2

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Apple has announced the release of a Garageband app for the iPad (and iPad 2).


GarageBand is designed to turn your iPad into a collection of musical instruments and a recording studio.


You can play a collection of Touch Instruments and Smart Instruments using Multi-Touch gestures, or create a song using an eight-track recording studio.

GarageBand for iPad features
Touch Instruments – Play a collection of musical instruments designed for Multi-Touch designed to sound and play like their real counterparts.

  • Drums – Tap out beats on three acoustic drum kits. The snare, kick, toms, hi-hat, and cymbals each produce different tones depending on where and how hard you tap them.
  • Drum Machines – Play electronic drum kits by tapping “drum pads” inspired by a classic drum machine interface.
  • Keyboards – Select from several keyboards — a grand piano, an organ, a synthesizer — each with their own sound, look, and customizable performance characteristics. Hard taps are louder and soft taps quieter.
  • Synthesizers – Play 70 modern and vintage synthesizer sounds — including synth strings, leads, basses, and more. Use the Arpeggiator to create melodies and soundscapes with a single finger.


Smart Instruments

  • Smart Guitars – Strum chords on acoustic and electric guitars, trigger fingerpicking and strumming patterns, or tap out your own riffs and melodies.
  • Smart Keyboards – Play a range of keyboard instruments by tapping on preselected chords that sound great together, no matter what you play.
  • Smart Bass – Perform bass lines and grooves by tapping on strings, or switch to Notes view to play individual notes on a virtual bass neck.
  • Smart Drums – Drag and drop snares, kicks, and hi-hats to create your own beats, and move them around to try out different patterns.


Recording Studio – Arrange and mix your songs using an eight-track recording studio that can handle a combination of audio recordings, Touch Instruments, and loops.

  • Tracks – Create a song by trimming and arranging musical regions where you want them to play. Swipe to reveal the mixer to fine-tune each track for the perfect mix.
  • Guitar Amps – Plug a guitar into your iPad to access nine classic and modern virtual guitar amps. Touch gestures let you operate tone controls and a swipe switches you from one amp to the next.
  • Stompbox Effects – Choose from ten stompbox effects. Add and reorder stompboxes on your own pedalboard.
  • Audio Recorder – Record your voice or an acoustic sound using the built-in microphone on iPad. Then apply one of eight sound effects like Chipmunk, Robot, Telephone, Monster, and more.


Pricing & Availability

GarageBand for iPad will be available to purchase March 11, 2011, priced at $4.99 USD.

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