Korg M3 61
Korg M3 61

M3 61, Workstation from Korg in the M3 series.

yoTrakkz 07/31/2011

Korg M3 61 : yoTrakkz's user review

« Korg M3 is a must try.. »

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The M3 is great, I have the 61 and thats enough octaves for me and my setup. This keyboard has a very solid feel to it and sync's great with my fl studio program. There are a ton of sound effects and many of them can be edited. It may take a little time to get use to the flow of editing sounds, it can get a little confusing at times.


I rarely use the board for editing, i do that in the computer program. But when I use the board to edit it is very easy and clear, I am just not a fan of trying to edit on small screens.


All the sounds are extremely realistic and the presets are great. I love all of the synths that this board has. All the convertors are transparent and the aftertouch/sensitivity feels like a real grand piano.


I recommend anyone doing music production to experiment with this board, it will not let you down. Just try it out and see, you wont be disappointed. Korg has always produced quality boards and they just keep getting better. I do not in any way regret using this board for a few years. One of the best investments I made early in my career.