Korg Tr 61
Korg Tr 61

Tr 61, Workstation from Korg in the TR series.

FP User 10/31/2008

Korg Tr 61 : FP User's user review


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When you purchase the low end of a series, you can't expect too much for features. Sure, it doesn't have sound routed through a tube amp, or built-in RAM, or a sampling board, but it does have a large number of usable sounds, easily tweaked with knobs and a mod lever, a nice sequencer, USB built in, expandable sampling board and RAM available, quick access to sounds via category groupings, an awesome arpeggiator and external media slot for SD cards up to 1G. If this were a pricier synth, I would expect more, but at a grand, I give it a:

Price paid: $999 USD


The first time I played it at the store, I felt it was easy to navigate through the sounds to check them out (right next to the Triton LE for easy comparison). Everything is clearly labeled and a decent sized display. There are a few unusual placements, but mostly for save/load features, and the more technical editing pages, which actually is good, in my opinion. I've played some gigs where people have come up to the stage area to look at my keyboards and accidentally hit a button or two yeilding irreparable memory loss, so I don't mind. The category feature is a little odd as well. I give it a:


This is an upgraded version of the Triton LE, and the sounds have alot to do with it. I've heard the LE's and they dont have the punch that the TR has. Many cool organs and electric pianos, to start. Orchestral sounds are nice, and one of the most expressive saxophones I've played. The word is that they used samples from the big daddy OASYS, and you can definately tell. For the price I give it a:


Seems to be built ok. The keys are kind of light, but it is a 61 key. The main parts are what appear to be brushed steel. The edges are plastic. As long as you are keeping it at home, or have a solid case for it you should be alright. I'd say it deserves a:

Oh, I love all of my keys, regardless of color, creed or religeon. This one will allow me to integrate a sequencer and sampler into my live rig at low cost, without dragging a bulky rack unit around the US. With the sampling upgrade, an additional 32MB simm Ram stick, and a modest 128 MB SD card, I'm only out $1335 USD. Add on to that if you don't have a damper pedal ($65 for a nice one) and stand ( you can get cheap ones for $30), and you're all set for under $1500. I love the sounds, portability and expandability.

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Posted by: higskies (January 2-, 2005)