Kurzweil K2000
Kurzweil K2000

K2000, Workstation from Kurzweil in the K2000 (série) series.

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Psycom 10/07/2002

Kurzweil K2000 : Psycom's user review


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5 octaves keyboard keys agile
Controller: modulation, pitch bend, aftertouch, data ... Each Controller can be assign any MIDI CONTRL!
6 audio outputs Stereo or 3 pairs (each part can be MIDI road on one or the other), sustain pedals and expression (as they once again assignable any MIDI CONTRL)
The sounds? 200 base with thousands of sounds on the net to download. The edition is my opinion the most successful synths all together (all makes), it yet remains to date in NEWS same way as the new emerging ...
The polyphony is one of the few default: 24 sound samples, plus 72 oscillators combined, or for electronic sounds: oscillators 96 (!)


I find the personal edition single (but everyone does not think the same, one issue)
The edition is powerful trs, everything can be modulated by anything, any parameter. Seeing is believing
The manual explains the operation and Retailer of all algorithms, filters, etc.


The original sounds are plutt good, but it is best to set itself even (if only one is a little hacker). Ralistes enough for some, others sound good sr worse than banks Gigasampler found Submitted on PC ... No, the power and usefulness of this machine is its synthse sound, not the imitation of acoustic instruments (even if they are good enough)
I love the electronic sounds that I can program with this synth. The acoustic sounds are also Russian. Filters and modulations allow for unique sounds.


I use the K2000 for over 5 years. I program sounds and I rgale.
When I cost for the first time, I wanted to ... To create. It is the purpose? Good! C'tait synth and still is I need!
With the exprience, I would do this choice. In fact, I never thought me spare, but I'll opt srement term for his great ERRF rack version (question of space!): The K2600R.